Professional Pest and Termites Control Services Sydney


Fallspestcontrol is a leading company, which is specialized intermite and pest control services in Sydney. Termites can literally eat your out of house and home. The termites will cause to damage of homes. This company provides the best termite control services 6 days in a week and 24 hours a day. Your home will fill with all types of insects and that creeps throughout a night and take over your home while you are sleeping. They are providing the high standard pest control service over 20 years and experts in this field.

Termite Control Treatments:

When they start termite control treatment, the first step is eliminating the pests from your environment. The termite preventive services are achieved by using a barrier under or around the house. Barriers are useful to detect termites or bring out termites out of the house. The barriers can be physical or chemical in nature.

Physical Barriers:

Physical barriers are made with physical resistance of the material to resist the termite attack. These physical barriers are installed when constructing a house and some can be retrofitted to existing houses. These are can be installed under concrete labs, foundations and within cavity walls. These are made from metal, crushed rock and other materials that termites cannot chew through and it has too small gaps for termites to move through.


Chemical Barriers:                     

The chemical barriers are relying on chemical to resist the termite attack. These barriers are usually insecticides. These barriers are placed under the concrete slabs, foundations and around houses. These barriers can be installed in new and existing houses, but installed by only licensed pest controllers. There are two types of chemical barriers are available.

  1. In-Soil:

The in-soil chemical barriers are used when the chemical is applied to the soil under or around the foundations of a building.

  1. In-plastic:

The in-plastic barriers are plastic sheets containing a chemical. These are typically installed, like physical barriers.

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